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Rolex OP Date 1500

Price: €3.500

The Rolex Datejust might be the most recognisable Rolex there is. Arguably the submariner might take second place, but I think the fluted bezel makes this model stand out much more.
This model, the 16013 is often referred to as the Two-Tone, because it sports the combination of stainless steel and yellow gold.
While it might be considered by some as flashy because of the gold details, we feel that that it perfectly suits this model. This model was optioned with the
gorgeous blue sunburst dial, which goes so well with the gold accents.
The dial is a sight to behold because so many types of blue pop out under different lighting situations. In overcast weather it can look like a deep dark flat blue, while in the sun it can show all types of blue. Also the angle the dial is viewed upon, impacts the light it casts out.

  • Manufacturer: Rolex
  • Model: OP 1500
  • Ref: 
  • ​Year: 
  • Case Diameter:
  • Lug Width:
  • Case Material:
  • Case Condition: 
  • ​Dial Condition: 
  • Movement: 
  • Bracelet: 
  • Contents: